What we do.

Dog Owners: We want to help you and your dog become a Certified Therapy Dog Team!

Organizations and Institutions: We want to help you located appropriate Therapy Dog Volunteer Teams to visit your facility, as well as help you develop rules and policies for a safe and successful Therapy Dog program!

Who we are.

We’re a River Valley volunteer dog club dedicated to helping our club members develop their dogs into happy, healthy, well-trained Therapy Dogs!

We’re a non-profit 501(c)(3) and meet monthly to both have fun with our dogs and develop their training and Therapy Dog potential!

We are not associated with any single nationwide Therapy Dog certification program (there are several of them) but instead we aim to help Dog Owners to choose and proceed in the Therapy Dog certification path that is right for them.

We also work with institutions and organizations to help them to locate Therapy Dog teams to visit their facilities or programs. We also help them develop policies and rules that will ensure that their visiting Pet Therapy Teams work safely and well!

We also welcome dogs and their owners who aren’t sure if they’re suited for Therapy Dog work, but are still interested in training their dogs to be well-behaved and Good Canine Citizens!

And along the way, we try to have fun with pet-oriented events while we raise money for our local animal shelters!

Who uses Therapy Dogs?

There are many local institutions that welcome trained Therapy Dogs and their handlers—hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, rehabilitation facilities, etc.

Some institutions welcome any well-behaved pet and their handler, but others require that Therapy Dogs and their handlers be certified before they can perform Therapy visits.

Fort Smith Pets with a Purpose helps serve as a contact point for organizations looking for Therapy Dog teams, and for pet owners who want to become certified!

Are you interested in becoming a Therapy Dog team?

We’re always interested in helping new people and their dogs to become trained and certified Therapy Dogs! Click HERE if you might be interested!

Fort Smith Pets With a Purpose